Cisco-Linksys WRT600N Gaming Router: Probably The Best Gaming Router

The lag or delay problem is commonly known to most gamers. This issue could be due to the hardware capacities (the performances of the PC, the DPI value of the mouse and so and so forth) or the internet connection. If you have tried to replace your old PC or just some of its physical components and the issue remained, than a possible solution could represent improving the speed of your internet connection. Now, the best way out of this is acquiring a gaming router, pat of the wide range of accessories for games, such as Cisco-Linksys WRT600N Gaming Router, which I’ve managed to test a few days ago. Read the technical data and the practical observations and see if the device is a match for your needs.

What the WRT600N router can do

The Cisco-Linksys WRT600N Gaming Router provides four Ethernet ports (Gigabit internet) and wireless internet connection (it’s dual band, so it works in 2.4 and 5GHz wireless frequency range, helping with throughput in zones with many wireless networks).

The design is very interesting: two antennas rising from the top of this router makes you think about one of the robots from Transformers and sideway drawing seems to be a hint Spiderman’s net. I guess the designer was pretty much into the Marvel’s comic books!

In terms of performances, the options provided are simply not the best you can get! The Gigabit internet is, indeed fast and the wireless connection provided is a common sense option, these days.

Therefore, the Cisco-Linksys WRT600N Gaming Router is rather a decent asset for home use, in the case of a high tech family, where even the grandfather uses the internet. The router is very appropriate for business use because features ‘industrial-strength 256-bit encryption‘, stronger than the 128 bits from almost five years ago. This particular router is, most certainly, not the best gaming router but also for businee sue, actually I wouldn’t even call it a router for games to tell you the truth.

Cisco-Linksys WRT600N

Cisco-Linksys WRT600N

Anyway, if you prefer a dual band wireless and a USB port (comes very handy when you want to attach a storage device, such as stick or external HDD, to the router and release stored data into the network/ store incoming information) this is the one for you. Through the USB hub, a printer can be attached to the router and that is have been very helpful in a business environment where you want to share one printer with multiple clients in the same workspace.

How much does it cost?

The price, however, was listed last time checked on the at 250 US dollars, which is practically insane! For less than that (maybe even half) amount one could purchase the very best gaming router wireless [find the best routers here], with all the options I’ve mentioned earlier (and that this one hasn’t got). The Cisco-Linksys WRT600N Gaming Router is the perfect example of what you should not buy (no matter what the seller tells you)!

buy the Cisco-Linksys WRT600N

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