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Does it make sense to buy a cheap bluetooth headset?

I got used in past years to buy only expensive products when it comes to IT&C, gadgets and consumer products. It’s not because I can afford it, but because it makes sense to buy something more powerful, better built and with more features. If you’re settling for the cheap one you get a products that’s been cut off in features and performance just to get in line where it was supposed to.

In this post I’m going to address the problem of buying a cheap bluetooth headset and the implications of it:

  • don’t hope for a good sound as it does not have noise killer reduction functions and the speakerphone is weak
  • don’t hope it will fit your ears perfectly: probably it isn’t adjustable and doesn’t come with many ear loops sizes
  • battery life is mediocre, so don’t buy one if you’re a heavy phone user
  • it doesn’t look pretty, the manufacturer doesn’t invest money in design

Think you can handle those things? Then go for it!

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